Saturday, September 21, 2002

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Hmm its quite irritating when i cannot update my blog in hostel. Something must be wrong with my settings. Must go to the office of Comm and IT to COMPLAIN haha those buggers there oredi know me coz i go there to screw(verbally, not literally) them all the time haha. i want my com to be perfect, so every little problem i complain even tho i'm more than capable to remedy it haha :p i guess my blog will become a weekly thing now that i will only update it while i'm home in JB since i can't do it in hostel, and i sure as hell am not spending time in SCHOOL doing this haha..... not when there're always so much things to do in skool, and it not necessarily is related to work haha :P
Projects are starting to vex us since they're beginning to go into full swing. Stats is HOPELESS especially when its sitting at the bus-stop for 2 hours and recording the times the different buses arrive, and at the end of it all u have to tabulate it and see if SBS and TIBS give real frequencies for their arrivals. Management Accounting so far is ok, tho progress is slow since YMCA although immensely warm in helping us, are proceeding quite slowly in giving us their financial figures(i don't blame them). My Leadership and Team-building project is in a mess after a fiasco of mixing up deadlines and stuff, but its starting to take shape,although i anticipate quite some sniggering when people hear who we're working with on the project, coz we're working with the Mama-san agency of Singapore, yes, the Singapore Despo Union, sometimes known as the Social Development Unit. I'm not complaining, its interesting enough a project, tho i'm not expecting everyone to welcome our ideas haha :p our Comm Skills project is in shambles, haven't even gotten a rough idea of where we're going at all.... guess its an indication that i should get going.
Ooh speaking of which, a girl in my stats project team seems pretty popular among a few guys i know haha.... i find it fascinating to know the girl who's the talk of the town(well sort of haha). I'd agree she's pretty, and very sweet, but haha, boy, she's gotten a few guys completely balmy. And no Albert(boobooboy), i'm not giving u her number haha ;P
Met another guy who also has a blog(i've added him in very recently as u can see for those who frequent my blog). Wonder how many more people in SMU have blogs too. :) it'd be nice to be able to have a circle of SMU bloggers :)

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