Thursday, September 12, 2002

YO people, LONG time no see people haha...... SMU's been keeping me really busy as u can tell as long as u have an IQ above 0.1, which i'd ASSUME ALL of u have? I hope so..... :p

Yeah, time passes SO quickly, i could've sworn it was just yesterday i said that our project proposal won't be due in another 2 weeks, and we could take our time. So much for that..... I have somehow resisted the urge to join ALL the cca's haha and remained loyal to just Badminton club :p and coincidently i've managed to actually INTEREST alot of people into joining coz i'm so enthu about it heehee, sheesh, didn't know i commanded such standing :p would've taken part in the sports carnival just recently over if i were free on Saturdays, but i wasn't, so sigh, didn't get a chance to test my mettle :p coincidently, turns out the people in my house(hostel house) are actually pretty good badminton players too, surprise surprise, my housemate actually got 2nd overall placing in the mixed doubles in the sports carnival! :) and now the Office of Student Life is organizing a sports day for the hostel people, things like Basketball, Soccer(YAY) and Captain's Ball..... Apparently the prize money's pretty good, so they've gotten MY attention that's for sure ;p

Man, i've never been so thrifty in my life. The point is that i normally don't spend a lot, but now i have to carefully think about HOW i spend, and man, that sucks. Tried keeping track of how and what i spent, but after a few weeks, completely lost count and just plain gave up. :( not a good sign. I eat Maggi mee almost every other night for dinner, and now i've not only mastered the art of cooking maggi mee with one hand, i can cook maggi mee with my feet if i only had the guts to try. If not maggie mee, my housemate may just be kind enuf to offer me some alms to last me for the night :p Not ONLY that, i normally am only satisfied after eating 2 packets of mee, but now to save cost i eat just one packet. Well it IS in line with my impromptu dieting plan too haha :p GOD i put on weight... OOH, but the time i brought my good fren over to my house to cook dinner, BOY it was hilarious. First the kitchen was in COMPLETE disarray, coz my buggarals-of-house-mates have never heard of the term clean-up-after-yourself. Sink full of dirty dishes, floor full of ants, etc. Luckily i told my fren i stayed in an ALL-GUY house, so she came mentally prepared. STILL not mentally prepared enough for the onslaught of a completely disgusting kitchen. So i flooded the floor with water coz somehow the ants didn't like us alot even tho my housemates provide them with so much sustainence and they bit us, so i happily washed all of them away (hahahahaha *evil laugh*) Then came the funny part. First both of us were trying to figure out how to use the damn can-openers there. There were 2 of them, one of them completely redundant in my opinion coz it punctures holes in the side of the can (for WAT use i haven't the foggiest idea), the 2nd i bought and dumped it there but couldn't figure out for the life of me how to properly use it coz even tho it resembles somewhat like the kind of can openers most people use, it didn't have a support for u to pivot on, so basically i opened the can with pure brute force, basically forcing the can open, and ultimately i ended up with irregular shaped cans instead of the normal initial oval or round cans. My fren CASUALLY claiming she knew how to work the other can opener CASUALLY tries it on all 3 cans we tried to open, CASUALLY puncturing holes in all 3 cans, CASAULLY letting the suace and gravy drain out from the can, CASUALLY making the can VERY oily, CASUALLY making my job all the more easier coz oily cans are like SO easy to grip and force open. :| Oh it didn't stop there. Somehow when u live in an all guy house, things have a propensity to start falling apart for no particular reason, coz if its something i realised, MOST( i said MOST, so guys who DON'T i'm NOT refering to you, so cool down...) guys spoil things VERY easily, no wait, EVERYONE knows that... wat I realised is that guys who spoil things easily have this innate talent of putting it back together so that it LOOKS like it still works.... And that's just exactly with the rice cooker. Looks ok from the outside, leaks water from the inside, so after cooking rice for about 5 mins, u realise all the water has drained off SOMEWHERE and if it wasn't the astuteness of my fren we'd be eating lice instead of rice. But all in all it was a pretty good meal, heck, anything other than maggee mee and that its FREE is GOOD. No, but really, the dinner was good, and the fact that we somehow made it after all that uphill crawling of trying to OPEN the f**king cans made the meal all the more tasty. No my fren wasn't exactly a very good cook, coz she CASUALLY forgets to put water in the curry chicken so we've got chicken gravy that's SO thick i could float on it. But speaking of which, other than opening the cans, and cleaning up and stuff, my fren did most of the cooking haha..... which was actually the easier job even tho it seems like i did less work, coz i washed up the dishes, cleaned the table so that my housemates will have a clean table to eat on( i don know why coz they don seem to remember me when they finish eating ), dried the flooded floor etc. I'm so proud of myself :)

A few days ago, my friend celebrated his 21st birthday. And we all went to his party to wish him a happy emancipation year. The party was ok i guess, but the fun started on the journey home actually haha. Coz the girls somehow convinced one of my groupmates to drive them home, and since i stayed in the vicinity of the girls i taggged along. Boy was his car a beauty. That friend for a start, is easily one of the BLURREST people i've ever met save for one other strong contender who used to be in my college class, but this guy's almost as good as that classmate. My groupmate(for privacy purposes i refuse to name just for the off-chance that someone reading this might just happen to be the cousin of Adri- no wait, ah HAR, NO u're NOT getting it out of me. No WAY.) drives a Mitsubishi Lancer. A good car in my opinion. Well it used to be haha. He tells the 2 backseat passengers to go in from the right door coz his left door can't open. OK, i see. When we get into the car he tells us that actually the left door opens, just than when it opens, this rubber thingie pops out and he doesn't know how to put it back, and having that rubber thingie hanging out of his door while he's driving is disconcerting to him. Fine. THEN we realise that the RIGHT side rear-seat seatbelt doesn't have a buckle. "@#$%^&*!" coz i was the guy on the right side, and the screwed up traffic rules of Spore REQUIRE the back-seat idiots to be buckled up too..... so happy happy, i hooked my belt around the left belt and tied this inconceivable twining around the left-side belt that even if we DO get caught the police officer would die laughing seeing what i did to make it look like i'm buckled up. My left side fren wasn't too happy of coz, she was laughing none the less coz it was totally hilarious, but the point was that i was strangling her coz i was tugging the belt to the right side, and the belt was cutting straight into her neck. So much for that. His car has a radio, that's good, it works, that's good. It was playing 98.7, but somehow the display on his radio registered a few dots here and there to signify 9, 8, and 7 and all the other things that's supposed to be shown on the display. Fine, it's faulty, but when he showed us how he plays his CDs, the car rocked with laughter coz he somehow uses his fingers to work thru the dots and finds the correct CD and song, something like a blind man with braille, on a digital radio. I refuse to even comment on his driving. It was decent, but he was just so blur that half the time he was cutting across traffic lanes to keep left or right so that he'd be on the right track after we tell him for the seven hundredth and eighty-ninth time to keep left or right. Sheesh..... haha..... damn, i love my OBS groupmates :)

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