Sunday, September 15, 2002

SIgh, i MISS broadband boohoo...... back in JB and stuck with a dinosaur of a connection.... JB sucks man.... KL gets all the good shit and wat do we have? 56K connection that at most only connects at 36K, getting 40K is like a luxury.....KL people get like ISDN, ADSL and wat other shit i haven't even heard of, and at rock bottom prices coz the gov's all about promoting IT and shit, and wat do NON-KL'ers get?!?!?! Do they even KNOW that they rule MALAYSIA and not KUALA LUMPUR?!?!?! Down here we pay fortunes for speeds KL'ers get for a plate of char kuay teow a month..... SHEESH........and things don get any better.... chauvanistic Singaporeans who come down to shop in JB look at the pathetic state of JB and quickly ASSUME that Malaysia's lidat, bullshit, why not u go up to KL and see for urself? KL is bloody BIGGER than the whole of Singapore WITH their bloody islands and territorial waters put together, and its not as if Singapore which is a city AND country in itself is a perfect place, its ridden with problems, so how do u expect a country with PLENTY of cities the size of Singapore do be AS GOOD as Her? I WILL admit Spore is a beautiful country, most of my frens are Sporeans, and i am not ashamed of admitting Spore's almost my second home.
(SHIT i think today's entry's gonna be REALLY pessimistic :[ )
Oh but i went to my fren's house on Fri to discuss project with a whole bunch of other frens and GOD, her house is BEAUTIFUL...... i will not go into details coz i have a feeling she'll be reading this, so i don want her to nitpick my exxagerations and short-comings in descriptions.... haha, DAMN, i envy her house...... and its quite interesting to note that her mum actually drives a bigger car than her dad haha.... not a common sight :) URGH, now that we're on the topic of her, it TOTALLY IRRITATES me that people match-make the both of us...... SHEESH..... i HAVE a girlfren and that's that lor..... haven't they heard of GOOD frens? PLATONIC frenships? There ARE such things u noe..... it so happens she lives near skool, and so do i, so we plan our timetable to be very similar so we happen to see each other in skool very often, coincidently we click very well and went thru the same OBS torture sessions so our frenship has lasted thru "tough" times..... the worst is that people who KNOW i've got a girlfren and dearly love her STILL matchmake us.... jokes and teasing aside, when u overdo it the novelty wears off, and the humour in it goes out the window too.... THANK GOD my girlfren trusts me, and i'm not about to turn my back on my God-send, heck, it didn't even cross my mind. Oh, my complete inability to resist tickles doesn't help either, coz my fren tends to use it as a negotiating weapon to my disadvantage, and people start talking. Talking SHIT and nonsense at that. Ah watever lah, they can tok all they want, my conscience is clear. No wait is that the way u spell it? Ah heck, can't be bothered to check.

Dr@n|xX at 12:56 AM