Sunday, August 11, 2002

Yep....tomolo's the big day....the day that marks my attainment of manhood.....NOT...... :p sheesh, i'm putting it as if i come from some ABC Tribe from the Kalahari desert and my mission is to walk barefooted all the way to the Nile and back, armed with face paint, a spear and loincloth to prove to my mama that i'm ready to go out with the guys..... i probably won't update this as often anymore since i won't have a laptop yet, at least i don think so....coz the order's supposed to be ready in 2 weeks which is tomolo, but oh well, u noe, things like that never work out... and school's still a 5min walk away haha.... but we'll see :) maybe some of my housemates might need to go online too haha..... so we'll all go to school since the library lobby is open 24 hours..... ;) tho i don think the school coms would so CONVENIENTLY have ICQ haha :p i do remember them having MSN Messenger tho, but i don recall a lot of people actually using it tho :| oh well, hope my laptop comes soon :) *drool* then i'll have to see wat the seniors say too since i do remember signing on the terms of use that i'm not allowed to game on the school network haha, maybe the seniors might have other ideas ;) making my new phoneline on thurs, ooh, can't wait to lay my hands on the 6510 :) Not sure if i can sleep at all tonight knowing i won't be seeing my bed that often anymore :|
Saw the repeat of the NDP parade today.... gee.... don they come up with anything new at all? It looks like last years to me, and the year be4's, and the year BE4 that too.... and they're attempt to inject some life into old songs by err...wat's the term? jazzing it up? Didn't work.... at least not to me.... I remember singing those songs back in my primary skool days and i don remember them sounding THAT bad..... but that's just me.... maybe some of u younger people out there might prefer it compared to us ol'timers :p Was it me or was this year's fly-past MORE boringER than ever.... 5 planes fanning out... that's it? And THREE miserable F-16's? Damn it.... bomb the carpark of the stadium or something lah, at least then we'll have some excitement.... or those artillery regiments should like miss and hit the east gate or something u noe.... something different for a change.... ok ok, maybe not SO morbid abt the Prez should come into the stadium in full leather and on a Harley too, maybe have a blonde chick hanging on his shoulders too giving him a Tiger or a Budweiser when he dismounts.... Or Goh Chok Tong should swing into his seat Spiderman style, and strike a pose before he sits, i hear its popular with the female and younger voters too.... and the commander's handphone should ring while he's halfway thru giving commands, typical ringtone loud and shrill enuf to wake the dead, then scream into the phone "HALLOH! SI MI DAI JI! BUSY LAH!" Sporean style... wouldn't that scenario be closer to home then? Perhaps it'll inspire some national identity :) SERIOUSLY, are u Sporean's anymore proud than u are seeing the NDP? I'm not saying u're not proud of ur country, but does the NDP make you feel like your life's perfect becoz Stef Sun sang "We will get there"? Maybe this is all foreign to me coz i'm non-Sporean, even tho i've studied here and can safely say i know more abt Spore than my own country.... oh is so strange sometimes.... :|

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