Saturday, August 31, 2002

WHOOPEE!!!!!!!!!!!! Got my laptop....... and MAN, found a BEAUTIFUL wallpaper for my laptop, and it looks FANTASTIC when viewed from an LCD screen..... am now scouting around for a nice sound scheme to make my laptop an all-rounder haha ;) try it for urself.... Theme Doctor and look for a "The Ring of Merildor".... the sound scheme is quite out of place, that's why i'm looking around now haha :)

Boy, eventful week. And MAN does time fly. Could've sworn it was just yesterday that it was week 1 and was telling myself that i've got time to play around a little bit more be4 school kicks off..... i couldn't have been MORE wrong..... the pace of life is SO fast that be4 u know it, datelines are nearing, and u'll start losing LOTS of sleep..... Period. Most of my seniors have sleeping bags in their lockers all ready for their overnight stays in school due to HARD last-minute work haha :p Me? I have a feeling i'll be staying in skool till late considering how difficult it is for me to study back at hostel, table so small, house so many people, haha.... as said in my previous entry, i better get down to work :| man, no muse today after coming back from my friend's party..... will post another day lah haha :p

Dr@n|xX at 1:55 AM