Thursday, August 01, 2002

Sorry peeps, been pretty busy these few days, so yah, am quite pissed that i'm spending a lot of money these few days too with all that unavoidable travelling that's like sucking up penny by penny of my parent's hard-earned money that could've been used for something more productive sigh.... FINALLY got my damn student pass so i won't have to dirty my beautiful passport with those ugly stamps anymore... FINALLY matriculated so got my password to the school account.... FINALLY submitted my laptop order form so i can expect to be able to caress the magnesium alloy casing in 2 weeks time :) And man, Aug 12th approaching man, the day i move into hostel, not sure if i should be happy or sad man..... i'm DEFINITELY gonna miss my room for sure.... but then for once i'm going to ENJOY going to school...... hmmmmm........................

"Victory knows no pride."

Me after my cousin cursed me for rushing him with 77 forgot-their-names and a level 9 hero Lich in Warcraft III

Dr@n|xX at 11:35 PM