Monday, August 05, 2002

REALLY REALLY sorry peeps, really been busy these days, coz i've got to pack for hostel, settle my loan stuff coz the dateline's on the 7th, AND i've gotta study for a damn statistics test so that i can be exempted from it coz i wasn't exempted from Intro Econs and i'm SO pissed coz that'll be taking up one of my courses when i COULD'VE been exempted from it so that i won have to learn econs ALL OVER again.... so i'm DEAD ON passing the stats diagnostic test so i can be exempted from another compulsory core course statistics, so that i can take another course outside of the core syllabus.... but the test's is so diff :( so much F Maths stuff :( and i can't study either...... :( then there's all that overwhelming amount of uni stuff to understand haha, stuff about bidding, yes, BIDDING for courses, yada yada...... bleah...... yah, then the stupid bidding page dunno why is showing me an empty timetable, it doesn't even show the days, which is strange, coz if they at least show the days then i can bid, tho i'm supposed to be pre-assigned some courses so i can't change them..... but its totally empty...... hmm....... better clarify........ tah tah for now :) i promise i'll be back with more muse :p

Dr@n|xX at 11:52 PM