Saturday, August 10, 2002

"All checked up and good to go!" Well ALMOST.... haha..... been a while huh? Well, sorry peeps, kept u waiting haha...... Phew, this week was a tough one...... had a stats test on wed, studied SO hard for it yet nothing went in.... and that was only 6 months of sitting on my ass, i wonder HOW do these NS men survive after having THREE years of abstinence from studying haha..... :| and guess wat? studied SO hard, i didn't go for the test at all.... why? woke up with a terrible headache that day haha sheesh..... woke up at 6, head was like SOoooOOOooo heavy as if i drank a sea of beer last night, every time i move my head faster than 1cm/sec the back of my head screams "STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"..... but i forced myself out of bed hoping it'll wear away..... well, it didn't, and i got SO frustrated waiting for the f**ked-up m'sian bus that i went back home, took a panadol and got an extra 3hr sleep. Speaking of m'sian buses, i think they REALLY suck.... and still that's an understatement... there's no system governing them, well at least there no longer is one, the bus drivers can alter their routes to fit their mood swings, take a COMPLETELY different route if there happens to be a jam along the way, or if they're fancying some bedroom exercise with their wives that night, they can decide to not take the normal route at all, forcing people to get off at the next nearest stop in order to make sure THEY themselves don't venture too far from home, and the driver has an empty bus, and whooppee, probably rushes off to the nearest 7-11 to buy a damn condom. And if that's not bad enuf, the buses aren't any consolation. Well the buses are the CLEANEST i've ever seen, cleaner than even Spore buses, coz u NEVER see tickets lying around.... why? coz they've casually taken out all the fillings of the cushions and replaced them with old bus tickets, and the next guy sitting there would just casually ensure the next person sitting there will have a slightly more comfortable seat, and so will the next person and so on and so forth.... and if u're bored and KNOW u're going to take a bath and wash ur hands with Dettol later, u can just stick ur hand into the lucky draw ballot box, and hey, u never know, u might just come up with a 8 December 1983 ticket, if u do tell me, i'm offering u RM5 for that. Hey better than nothing rite? its a damn ticket for crying out loud, be HAPPY with that RM5 k.... BUT the suppossed clean bus only lasts as far as the 2nd last row, coz the last row.... wow.... its just beyond words, there u'll find all kinds of stuff, sweet wrappers, those damn noisy seeds people like to eat in the cinemas, and all kinds of stuff, i remember these bunch of kids were SOoooOO fascinated with a disgusting used condom they found stuffed under the cushion of the last row once.... sheesh......i DON'T even want to THINK about wat was going on there.... yuck..... oh, but if u EVER take a m'sian bus, no wait, specifically the jb buses, u won't realise that its clean, coz even tho there's little litter lying around, the bus is SO damn dim, so stuff even with air-con, the lights are all grey with collected dust(and the occasional dead cockroach or gecko), it just equates to the bus being dirty.... sheesh..... tok about ironic.... so imagine my normal day.... i wake up at blardy SIX to wait half and hour or MORE for a DIRTY bus to come, drives me around with the route varying slightly everyday(i've gotten SO used to it the new scenary hardly impresses me anymore), and i get to see the STRANGESt people on the bus, and IF i get to the destination, i normally STILL have to walk to the customs, take the 170 which is a slight consolation coz the air-con DOES work half the time.... but then there's the return journey, and THIS time i have to take the damn bus IN THE NIGHT.... shit... i HATE it when i reach jb around 10, coz that's the time the last bus is supposed to arrive, or not depending on the mood of the driver.... the last bus NORMALLY comes around 10.30, but to be safe i come half hour early, but that half hour of waiting can be SO excruciatingly PAINFUL coz u DON'T know if the bus is coming at all.... the conductors aren't any help either.... i once reached there at abt 10.15, and i was so worried i asked the conductor if the last bus had left, guess his answer. No, it wasn't an "I don't know", i would've accepted that actually.... he said "If the bus comes means the last bus hasn't gone, if it doesn't, it means that it has." He was THIS close to getting a wedgie from me.....and i'd GLUE the damn undie to his CHIN if i had some handy so the next time he opens his mouth he'll get a GOOD whiff of wat ass-talking means.........
So u can imagine wat i go thru, so having to handle that with a very painful and heavy head was asking too much of me.... so haha, i gave up, and decided it was more worth it to take the stats course and skip the test for exemption.... :p
And ooh, hostel? well, packed most of my stuff liao, realised i have like SOoooOO much to bring.... have to move in like phases..... phase 1: bare essentials.... phase 2: oh i don noe.... i'll see to that later haha OH and guess wat? my mum doesn't allow me to bring a travelling bag, so i have to make do with TWO backpacks.... imagine wat a DORK i'd look lugging around TWO HUGE backpacks.... sheesh...... i'd DEFINITELY be stopped by customs man... and DAMN i'd REALLY miss my room..... i spent my lifetime trying to make my room as comfy and homey as possible and now i can only see it once a week..... sob sob but damn, so exciting.... makes a milestone in my life of FINALLY having achieved emancipation for more than a month since the last record of being away from my parents was back when i went for the Europe Exchange Tour for a month back in err '92 i think.... so now its four years.... hope everything's smooth going :) well, Freedom, Here I COME!!!

"What is OBS?"

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