Tuesday, August 13, 2002

AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........................ Home SWEET home........ Oh i MISSED you SO much Bolster, Comforter, Bed, Pillow and Mr. Air-con..... Oh i how i love to be in ur company..... :) sheeesh..... came back in the afternoon, took a bath and PLOMP, straight into the embracing arms of my bed, revelling in the comfort of my comforter(gee), snuggling up to my pillow and bolster, ooh yeah...... decided to wake up only at 7.30pm..... :p came back to get some more stuff, probably buy some tomolo morning at Giant, and i'll be back in the late afternoon tomolo haha.... i should think my housemates would be home by tomolo evening, probably shack from OBS Har HAR.... i'm sure they had the TIME of their lives there haha..... i hope my roommate was smart enuf to pack some STRONG repellent, i sure as hell don wan to see him suffering the same plight as me with sandfly bite scars all over me now :( but sheesh, slept alone last night..... easily one of my worst nights this year :| bed too hard, bed sheet too rough, pillow too soft, my towel serving as my blanket was damp and too small.... went to bed at 12+am, slept only at abt 3+am, and out of exhaustion mind you.... but during that period of time, tossed and turned, got up to do some nonsense, went back to toss and turn, went to toilet yada yada yada, but still only achieved unconciousness at 3..... and did i mention sleeping in a COMPLETELY new place that echoes every sound all throughout the house(eg. HelLo hEllO heLLo Hello hELlo......) ALL ALONE in the seventh month of the lunar calendar with the next occupied house 4 houses away was FREAKY? For the most part it was almost purely mind over matter man, coz for SOME reason, my house was nearest the side gate, so there were HOW MANY stray cats in there? They were EVERYWHERE when i came back at abt 11+, under the kitchen window sill, at my maindoor mat, behind me, etc. It was lucky there were lights on 24hrs at the walkways so at least the area was fairly well lit,so at least i KNEW it was cats and not... nevermind, coz i would NOT have wanted to have say 10 pairs of glowing eyes staring at me thru the window in the darkness below.... :| The memory that cats were keepers of the dead didn't help either..... ;( best of all, they all disappeared in the morning... i tried consoling myself that there were renovation works going on in the next lane which must've scared them off in the morning..... :) in any case, good riddance :D

Dr@n|xX at 11:34 PM