Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Yippee! Got my matriculation package today!!! :) so much stuff to fill up, and ouch, gotta rush some of the forms too coz some of the closing dates are like TOO close for comfort... then now that the matric package arrived, got LOTSA questions in my head too, and since i'm like the ONLY foreign SMU student i know, its quite irritating coz i've got no one else to consult. I've got foreign NUS frens, but they've got quite a lot of differences, for example they only make their student passes AFTER they matriculate, but i've gotta get my student pass BEFORE my camp even starts, and that's like 22nd July(YAY!so exciting.... ;p) so gotta ask them that too, and as all forms are, some of the forms are just downright technical that commoners like me cannot POSSIBLY understand.... WHY they make forms like that i haven't the SLIGHTEST idea..... then there's the hostel applications ( i PRAY there are still available units.... and cheaper ones at that :| ) oh, did i mention the medical check-up i DREAD, i HATE needles, and i'm not ashamed to say this, but i've somehow got a mild phobia of blood... seeing it in movies sometimes makes me cringe, but seeing it in real life in large quantities.... oh man, i dunno how i'd react.... so yah, i have this morbid loathing to go to Heeren for the damn check-up which i have to pay 38 bucks for that idiot of a doctor to poke needles in me, not my idea of fun at all..... :| so yah, will cut this short, gotta go MOE website and apply for the tuition grant to lighten my dad's load, then gotta finish up the forms and decide which ones i should amd CAN hand in tomolo, then also gotta confirm with bert if i'm going out with him after that haha :P
Oh, and i copy from Albert, end off with a quote :p

Laughter is not at all a bad beginning for a friendship, and it is by far the best ending for one.
Oscar Wilde

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