Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Woah..... wat a wasted day haha.... well sort of... went to SMU in the morning to submit my acceptance form, then had to go down to Lavendar SIR to make my student pass..... sheesh... apparently SMU is still considered private even tho its gov-aided, so they have to keep my passport THEN only can process in 4 days, but i HAD to go home, so i DEFINITELY needed my passport back, so they then said that in THAT case, mine would take about 2-3 weeks..... sheesh..... well, watever it is, they BETTER make it, and they better contact SMU so that they can contact me, and they better finish it in time for the SMU camps, coz i sure as hell don wanna miss them..... :| oh, then after that, the fun only just "begun"..... went down to Orchard to meet Su and Mars, great, met them, then left them coz they went swimming, and i stone around in Orchard for like 3+hours, when they were finally done with swimming, initially the idea was to go watch a movie, something like Dark Waters(oooh), but great, they suddenly tot it was crap, and decided NOT to watch a movie, and we just stoned at the KFC for half an hour, then they went down to Mango and i waited outside like a doorboy coz i felt odd inside.... :| oh, then they wanted to go home coz they were tired after swimming..... which they did,so sorry,some outing it turned out to be probably coz i was brain dead after all that waiting too :(, but Su being my fren for quite a while, felt a little bad for making me stay, so she hung around for a while more(if u're reading this Su, thanx, but its alright, i mean i offered to stay, u didn't make me stay :> ), then walked around and found out that actually there were quite a few places i could get nice clothes to prepare for Uni(sorry lah, i quite suaku coz Spore not my territory lah) :) then came back on my own, which is ALWAYS the BEST part..... :(... stupid bus, NEVER on time, waited for an hour for it to come.... phone rung but becoz my vibration screwed up, and i had my headphones on, i didn't hear my girl call, called her back, but stupid old bus so noisy, couldn't really hear my girl, plus she didn't have too good a day.... so great..... sigh..... wat a day..... :|

Dr@n|xX at 11:48 PM