Saturday, July 13, 2002

Went to watch Minority Report with my girl today :) pretty good show, tho the removing of the eye part was eeeeee..... :| i bought a pair of khakis at Gio, and it suddenly dawned onto me that it seems like a market trend these days for branded goods to want to make their logos AS SMALL as possible.... as if they're ashamed to display it.... a WHOLE t-shirt which i'm spending like RM40 on could just have a simple dinky little Nike tick on it...... same thing for the Gio khakis i bought..... small little logo on the side of the pocket.... and i paid like err RM89 for it? I mean fine, Gio stuff are comfortable coz the material's very breathable and all, but for RM89, at least let people know its Gio and not some pasar malam shit i bought for RM0.50...... same thing for my Swatch.... spent S$195 on it and all i can see is a SMALL LITTLE "Swatch" logo somewhere on the clock face, cluttered up with all the other markings on the watch..... not that i'm showy or anything, but at least let it be distinct so that on one look people will know its genuine shit, since i was gracious enuf to actually buy YOUR products and not some cheapo pirated shit in some back-alley....sheesh....

Take hold now, because the future does not know you, but the past does not forget.

Dr@n|xX at 11:44 PM