Wednesday, July 10, 2002

TIRED sia.... went to SMU in the morning to hand in my OBS and hostel forms.... then went for the stupid medical check-up..... yucks...... could've sworn the doctor took MORE than necessary of my precious blood..... lucky i looked away, otherwise i'd probably hyper-ventilate haha....... he probably made use of the chance that i looked away to secretly take more blood so he can sell it on the black market or something haha :| conspiracy theories heehee.... ;) Hope my hostel app is approved, coz tho they DO say that foreign first year students get priority, u noe lah...... and i DO hope my dad agrees to the model of notebook i like, MAN, the notebook prices given by SMU are SWEET, shit man, hope my dad agrees to it coz the model i'm picking HAPPENS to be the most expensive model HEEHEE :) i'm getting quite sick of this com, so a refreshing change would be good haha :) well, i can only wait :| yah, so tired today, all that walking around orchard coz went to clinic, then the docs were out to lunch, so i walked to eat, then walked back, then after the check-up, they asked me to go to another place for X-ray, yah, so walked all over the place, under hot sun some more bleah... met up with frens after that but decided not to catch Minority Report coz i might miss the last bus in JB, so didn't want to risk it..... yah, cut this short, really tired, must be becoz i lost too much blood to the money-faced doctor today haha :| my right arm feels funny today too..... haha...... :|
Yet another un-copyrighted quote ;)

Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is its twin brother.
Kahlil Gibran

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