Saturday, July 06, 2002

This is for yesterday's blog, server was down, so couldn't update.... just came back from day out with my girl, so quite tired haha, esp all that travelling :|

Shoot.... wanted to work out today, sigh, procrastinated again :( *looks down at that blob of fat at wat used to be his abdominal muscles* must MAKE myself start working from Sun onwards.... otherwise i may not survive the OBS Camp SMU has in store for me :|
Wow.... learnt quite a few new stuff today heehee.... took bath for my sister for the first time..... felt quite farnee.... strange actually.... my sister was actually the one telling wat to do all the while and i was following her haha.... WHY did my mum have to have a phone call at that time?!?! :( hey, i'm a UNIVERSITY student k, i don do such trivial jobs HEEHEE *ego* bleahz.... :p sheesh, becoz of her i got my pants wet too, splish splashing around in the small little kiddy tub, lucky my phone wasn't in my pocket, otherwise i CRY man.... then just now my sis went for a concert rehearsal, coz in conjunction with "Her World" Magazine's roadshow, my sis' ballet skool offered to hold their concert there, so they had a rehearsal just now for Sat and Sun's show..... my sis was the youngest among the dancers for her program, coz the rest of the dancers for that program were at least 6 years old, and she was only 5, so my mum was quietly BEAMING with pride as she stood RITE in front of the stage watching my sis strut her stuff.... but when people commended her that her daughter being so young and stuff and still be able to perform with people older than her, she shrinks back to her "humble" self and says "no lah, she's lucky lah yada yada yada" my dad kept on teasing my sis that she was the shortest among the dancers too haha..... to be honest, my sis is a total BRAT, pampered and spoilt by my parents, but she's still my sis no matter how much she pisses me off all the time, i keep telling my mum she better live till 100 coz i sure as hell don want to single-handedly raise her.... she'll drive me up the wall..... Su keeps taunting me that i actually blush when she teases me that i love my sis... NO i DO NOT blush..... NO, read my lips, N - O - NO, i D O N O T blush..... ah watever....

Dr@n|xX at 11:46 PM