Thursday, July 11, 2002

Sob sob..... so many of my frens all "going away" liao :( NTU frens will be starting skool on Mon..... then NUS frens esp foreigners moving into hostel oredi..... and me? still stoning away at home.... :| how i EVER became so unfit still amazes me...... my spending woes don't end here either..... coz i'm going away, and i'm most likely bringing my Gameboy Advance with me, my mum bought ANOTHER game boy advance for my FIVE-YEAR-OLD SISTER!!!!! And guess wat, she wants(as in FORCEFULLY wants) me to chip in...... so yeah, there goes some more money...... sigh..... and i tot i could save up so that at least i could enjoy a respectable lifestyle in Uni.... :| well, i had better SERIOUSLY watch my spending these days, at the worst find a job while i'm in Uni.... frens are recommending tuition, i wouldn't mind, but i don mind going back to Dan Ryan's to work part-time either :) not sure if my mum would agree coz she wants me to fully concentrate on studying.... ooh i hope i can get BIG ang pows at my Godfather's b'day bash on the Sat after next so that at least i can "earn" a little back.....heehee.....damn i'm sounding like a miser now.... :| and my mum moved my piano klasses from tuesdays to saturdays, so that i can come back and continue my lessons thru uni..... sheesh...... so much for rest over the weekend.... and DAMN, if there's one thing i'm gonna miss while i'm in hostel, its my BED..... boohoo... i love my bed.... so soft, so comfortable, ooh and my fav comforter.... my smelly bolster( the kind where when u get a whiff of it u just want to sleep some more :> ), my Gaucho.........(no wait, should i bring Gaucho to the hostel? hmmmm.........) ooh and most importantly my AIR-CON.... sob sob.... *pout* ..... heck, and i haven't even MOVED yet...... heck, the people haven't even confirmed if i got the room onot..... sheesh...... :|

I wonder how the SMU hostel is like haha...... praying i get a good room-mate aside, i seriously wonder how different it'd be from "real" hostels since SMU's are more like chalets than anything haha.... and ooh, i roughly glanced thru the rules for SMU's hostel aka College Green.... it says there that "An occupant may not entertain a visitor of opposite sex behind closed doors." hmmmmmmm............................ ;) so open door can lah? :) and if that's the case, it makes u wonder if the people would actually allocate boys and girls in one chalet, but obviously 2 people of the same sex as room mates( DUH ;p ) :) haha... now that'd be interesting heehee..... no no no, don get me wrong, i have NO intention of converting the girls into maids or cooks, NOR do i have anything more perverse in store unlike SOMEONE i know who's SOooOOOO happy that Temasek Hall has boys and girls in the same block ;D heehee... *BIG smile* now i WONDER who could that be? hmmm.... :p and oh man, there'd be SO many things i'd have to learn if i stay hostel...... have to refresh my memomry on how to iron a shirt properly after like a 4 month hiatus from wearing formal
shirts and hence no necessity to iron clothes.... ha.... have to learn how to operate a washing machine properly too, and how to differentiate the clothes, stuff the shirt tabs always ramble about like not mixing coloured clothes and stuff, washing with cold water, or hot water at that, how to COOK, and EDIBLE food at that.... *how to mums SURVIVE? bleahz* .... oh, and i'd have to be EXTRA careful with my stuff too..... have to keep my money properly, no more dumping my cash on the table anymore, no more leaving my valuables around either.... my laptop would be a hassle too since i'd have to bring it WHEREVER i go, or in instances like taking baths i'd have to find a place to lock it in...... not that i don trust my mateys, but safety first, i've lost valuable stuff very dear to me be4, so NO MORE, no cheap, gutless, underhanded, devious, unrighteous, treacherous, corrupt, malicious, thieving, opportunistic imbecile lacking morals and faith in God will profit off me, not anymore, at least i'll do as much as i can to see to it! *bangs the table with his fist* i won't say i've never stolen be4, i have, but i've never stolen anything valuable to someone, and even these small little worthless things make me guilty enuf, so i have no idea how thieves, burglars, murderers and everything that came out of Pandora's Box live knowing what they've done and that almighty God would come down HARD on them one day, if not in this Life then the next.... ok ok, enuf of that, otherwise i'll start pouring everything out, then instead of a Cesspit of Delirious Rambling, it'll become a Punching Bag of Personal Woes...... yah yah, i go vent my frustrations on FIFA 2002 haha :p

Dr@n|xX at 11:22 PM