Sunday, July 28, 2002

Phew...back from my Godfather's b'day dinner in Muar(that's a small town in JB for u geographically shallow people ;p) and MAN, its good to be home. Missed my bed like SOOooOO much.... met up with the only 2 male cousins left in Malaysia, and we were like biding our time at the dinner, lying in wait for the right time to pounce out outta the dinner for a good time elsewhere.... i mean the dinner was nice, dunno HOW many courses that we were so thoroughly stuffed we refused to touch the b'day cake...... and the 3 of us were like waiting and waiting out of respect for erm lets see, for one of them its his uncle, for one of them its his father, and for me its my godpa, so yes, one of them's my godbro. Where were we? Oh yes, respect. Yeah, so we waited and waited, until finally the song was sung and the cake was cut, and we were -ZOOM-, out of the restaurant, only to find that the dinner WAS officially over, and that everyone else was also making their way home.... so even tho we were the first to the car, we passed the restaurant and suddenly we became caddies, coz a few people suddenly conveniently realised that they lived near my cousin's place, and assumed that we were going home so they wanted to take a lift.... *gumble mumble*...... but oh man, after that, it was PURE gaming man haha.... but be4 that there was a little incident on our way to the LAN cafe when my godbro and cousin both smoked, so they wanted to have a small puff be4 going to the cafe, so they winded down the windscreens and took five, but then my cousin, Bjorn, who was driving his dad's car, warned my godbro, Fabian that the window on his side was faulty, but his warning came too late, coz it was then only Fabian realised that the window won't come back up after going down, and there was so little of the window left jutting from the door for us to have a grip and pull it back up, so we were stumped, coz it was wasting MORE of our time, AND we couldn't park the car coz the car would have a window open.... so the guys after taking their steroids coming in the form of a little white tube u burn and put in ur mouth, somehow managed to yank the window back out, and forced it back up. They cursed the window a few times, then we proceeded to the cybercafe.... my godbro who i think doesn't have much of a pastoral life considering he spends most of his day asleep and the night out on the streets of KL or at the cybercafe, thrashed me and Bjorn quite badly at almost every game we played, CS, Jedi Knight, Warcraft III etc. Couple with the fact that the 2 VERY nice ladies attending the cafe were SWeeEEeeEEeeeEEt, we had to multi-task between having one eye on Fabian backstabbing us in Jedi Knight, at the same time having the other eye try to pick out the color scheme of VERY sexy clothes they were wearing from all that cigarette smoke and the dim lights.... my cousin who lived in Muar and hence was more familiar with the area, VERY quickly took his change after we were done playing and rushed out, me and Fabian being aliens in the area, took our time to enjoy the *ahem* scenary while it lasted since they were like up close, and furthermore Fabian later commented that it should've been brighter so at least he could get a better glimpse. But Bjorn then said on our drive back that those girls were so comfortable in a place like this with Ah Bengs and Ah Sengs frequenting it coz they were under the lacal dai lou(aka Big Brother or more commonly known as Drug Lord, Gangster Boss, Mr I-Am-Bigger-Than- George-W-Bush.... Capiche?) Which reminded me of what one of my frens once said about girls hitched up with Rugby guys of our skool, they were called "The Untouchables". "Don lay a finger on them unless u're VERY sure u won't miss that finger" quote unquote. Period. So yah, basically those girls were absolutely no-no's, EVEN IF they come knocking on ur door.... DAMN it, these dai lous are blardy lucky huh? Just like in the movies, they ALWAYS get the good shit.... Makes me wonder why there isn't any kid around with an ambition like "I want to work for the Yakuza" or "I want to head the Chinese Triads" since even in the movies, the Yakuza and Triads tend to win, and if this is the real world, even more so rite? If u disagree, think carefully. What do they NOT have? Girls, guns, drugs, money, photos all ready to blackmail and discredit wat's left of the police, politicians on their payroll, need i say more? THAT'S it, i'm gonna use my Degree in Biz Management to form my OWN Taliban. So who's with me? ;)

Dr@n|xX at 11:06 PM