Monday, July 08, 2002

Ouch, 2nd workout today, pushed myself harder, i think there's some improvement :) yesterday, be4 i was halfway thru the SHORTER-THAN-NORMAL track i was panting like i just did 36hrs of *ahem* (use ur imagination :p) straight.... but today i jogged 3/4 quarters be4 deciding not to push my muscles, i think i could've gone further, but i didn't want to find out otherwise i might have to walk on 3 feet instead of 2 (crutches, in case some of u are brain dead tired by the time u read this haha)
Oh, went online to bone up my virtually non-existant knowledge of the different food groups, so that i know which foods help to keep me healthy :p as a matter of fact, i visited ;) fun site :p so now i know which foods to eat immediately after working out so that i don get up the next morning feeling like my enemy stuck pins and needles into my mojo doll.... well, i noe know wat SOLID foods to eat haha.... liquids, even if i knew, i doubt i'd follow..... i cannot understand wat could possibly be so nutritious about a liquid completely transparent with no effervescence.... i mean Coke ROCKS, Ribena ROCKS, Yeo's Chrysantemum tea ROCKS, Yeo's Soya Bean Milk ROCKS, water stones.... sheesh haha :p
hopefully i can keep up this exercise program, so that i'd be ready for OBS :)
i miss Haagen-Daz...... :( if i hadn't spent so much i'd probably eat it one of these days... :| boohoo..... ;(

Dr@n|xX at 11:33 PM