Friday, July 12, 2002

Not much done today really.... wasted most of the day to sleeping haha :( and when i woke up to go for an exercise, somehow my heavy body just coaxed me out of jogging...... :( my mum's like all ready for my eventual moving to hostel even tho they have yet to confirm whether i got a room or not.... she's gotten a bottle ready so that i can keep it in my room to drink anytime i'm thirsty instead of going down to the kitchen to get water.... she's prepared an old ice-cream box to store some tidbits and biscuits for me to munch on whenever my mouth is itchy..... personally i'd much rather just have a bottle of Pringles handy however unhealthy it might be :p cleared up a little of my room too..... my room's already neat to start with ( no i'm not lying ) but since i might be moving out soon, no harm keeping it squeeky clean :) had a LONG chat yesterday over ICQ, and one of my conversations happen to go to the topic of achieving flawlessness, so today's quote will be in line with it :)
Oh and thanx Charmane for pointing out this VERY FUNNY weblog, check it out and read the wednesday 10th July entry :)

The essence of being human is that one does not seek perfection.
George Orwell

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