Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Ho ho....wat a day.....devoted like almost half the entire day to finishing up this Gameboy Advance game i've been playing for the past few months. Tactics Ogre : Knight of Lodis IS an excellent game in case any of the people reading this happen to own a GBA or are intending to get a GBA BECOZ of this game :) Phew...spent a total of about 65hrs on the game, as logged by the game haha....in case any of u are absolutely stumped on wat Tactics Ogre is, its bascially an RPG, a role-playing game where u take on the role of the lead character in the game, Alphonse, he being an imperial soldier sent to this island to put down an uprising, only to find out that he was sent there with a different agenda altogether(DUH)... Its basically a turn-based strategy game where u control a troop of 8 units whenever there's a battle, and u fight it out, moving ur units during ur turn, then the enemy moves his units during his turn yada yada :) the fun part is the units of coz, so many different units at ur disposal, lowly soldiers, the jack-of-all-trades but good at none, to Angel Knights that've died valiantly in battle & were resurrected to continue to serve God by aiding you. :) i started playing the final area like at abt 11+am, then only finally finished at abt 4+pm haha....the final boss was SUPER hard man......normal units can only move once per turn, meaning after a unit moves, attacks or does anything, he can't move again within that same turn until the enemy finishes his turn and its back to ur turn can he move again. BUT the DAMN boss can move THREE damn times in one turn, tok abt unfair man.....he's SO strong u hardly deal enuf damage to make him break sweat, PLUS he has territorial advantage such that only 2 people can attack him at one time, so no ganging up :(, not to mention HIS attacks deal damage not only to ONE of ur units but ALL of ur units AT THE SAME TIME, and a HECK lot of damage too... my poor clerics and priests were SERIOUSLY working overtime to keep their comrades alive, not to mention themselves.... :| and haha, quite an anti-climax for an ending if u ask me haha, coz for one thing, i didn't totally get the ending of the story, but from wat i can discern, it seems that our protagonist dies in the end, leaving his love interest half in sorrow and half in anger coz he DID promise her the 2 of them would leave together once it was all over... no don worry, it wasn't a spoiler, coz another interesting thing abt the game is that it has multiple-endings, based on wat u did and ur decisions throughout the game, so hmm.... looks like i'll have to think back on wat i did or said to make me die in the end haha.... :| but i really pitied the poor girl lor :( ok fine, i DIDN'T do it on purpose lah, i didn't mean to cause her boifren to die in the end and leave her all alone :( OK lah, i'll play again and make sure she's happy this time, HAPPY? :p

Fell asleep after that LONG gaming session, and its strange, i ALWAYS have nightmares in the afternoon, or should i say daymares.... :| maybe that little prayer be4 i go to sleep at night DOES help :) coz i don remember any nightmares at all, but i remember PLENTY from the afternoons :| today's one was in conjunction with OBS in a few days time... :( reached the meeting point in skool on time, but i was the only one....(EEEEEeeeeeeee), the buses left for Punggol with only ME on board(OF COZ there's a driver lah, otherwise i'd have woken up by then :p), but the freakiest part was that even tho i was the only one heading for OBS, ALL the other buses tagged along, EMPTY.... reached OBS, THANK GOD there were people there, but NO THANK U that there were only TWO people apart from me.... oh but these 2 people were permanently around, wat did that mean? I'll come to that in a while.... heh heh... so yeah, chatted a bit with the 2, the girl reminded me of one of my ex-colleagues back at Dan Ryan's but the guy was completely new(in a sense).... heard a lot of noise, so went to check out, turns out the rest of the fashionably late campers FINALLY arrived(YAY), the teacher that tagged along with the campers told me to go to the office to tell them that they've arrived, went to the office, EMPTY, no papers, no desks, no PEOPLE, but lights on, fans on, radio on(don ask me why, heck i vaguely remember the radio was playing that DAMN eerie sounding Deftones - Change song.....) for some reason i was STILL sleeping and the dream continued(DANG), and went back to tell the teacher that couldn't find anyone, and surprise surprise, NO ONE around, then the 2 other people stroll in, i ask them if they saw a big bunch of people come in, they say they never heard or saw anything....*WHY AM I STILL SLEEPING?! @#$%^&* starts to rain, for some inexplicable reason we decide to sit in the rain, and my shirt gets wet, starts to stick onto me, and the girl realises that i've got very broad shoulders(I DO?!?!), and says i've got nice pectorals(NO really, i didn't make this part up, but NO I DO NOT have nice pecs, otherwise i'd be PROUD to wear tight fitting clothes more often....) but then comments on my belly :( the guy guffaws suddenly, rips his shirt off to show that he's my exact opposite, scrawny shoulders, but BEAUTIFUL six pack, continues laughing madly and runs off into the rain, leaving me and the girl dumb-founded... here onwards it gets hazy coz my mum and sis come back making lots of noise, but somehow the dream seemed to like pause then play again, coz the next thing i vaguely remember in my dream was finding the girl tied on her feet dangling upside down from a chin-up bar, arms hanging down from her shoulders limply, swaying with the torrentous wind and rain, didn't even bother to find out if she was alive, just RAN, and u noe how these damn things are, u run and u trip and fall down into some deep ditch, next u jump out of bed with a red-hot poker shoved up ur ass telling you welcome back to the paradise we call reality.............. eeeeeeee....

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