Friday, July 05, 2002

Haha.... boring day..... played like my life away haha...... stopped playing Diablo II for about a month oredi, then to just play for fun this afternoon, ended up having a 4+hour session until my eyes almost bled sheesh.... :p then came to play Championship Manager after dinner, and that was a 3+hour session..... phew..... wat a day man haha...... chatted with a fren who oredi got into SMU long ago over sms, and learnt some new stuff.... and it only made me MORE anxious for the silly package from SMU to arrive :| its strange, this is i think only my 2nd big package i'm receiving by mail :) my first was my 17th B'day prezzie, from a good ol fren(A BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU CELINE IF U'RE READING THIS!!!!! :> ), and i tore open the package like a 5 year-old kid with his very first Christmas present... haha... i have a premonition i'd be acting exactly the same when SMU's matric package comes..... heehee.... kinda of reminds me of my silly childhood days hahaha..... i remember my first pair of Reeboks, we were still not very well-to-do at that time as my dad was only a sales executive at that time, and having a pair of Reeboks was really a luxury, so my mum INSISTED that it HAD to be for Chinese New Year, so i had to keep it in cold storage for a few months be4 unveiling it on the 1st of the Lunar new year.... sheesh... so i begged my mum to let me wear it immediately after we bought it, and only for one day, and guess wat? I wore it at home, walked all over INSIDE the house in my new shoes, and i can't remember this part, but my mum loves to tell other people that i actually slept with my shoes on..... :| i sincerely hope she's lying.... geez.... :) haha....... sometimes makes u really wanna go to never-neverland huh? where kids stay kids, and wishes do come true haha :) Well, one thing's for sure, i'm one step on the yellow brick road to never-neverland, coz i made it into SMU for a start, so that's one wish come true :) My girlfren's EXTRA happy coz then i wouldn't be anywhere particularly out of reach quote unquote ;) haha Hello again happy days :)

Dr@n|xX at 1:15 AM