Sunday, June 30, 2002

Yeah, this was supposed to be posted for the day the page expired on me, so i lost ALL the stuff i typed..... well here it is again haha.....
I bought a Gundam model, for those who aren't familiar with the Gundam anime series, the model's basically a robot, for those who ARE familiar with Gundam, its a GP01 Full Burner Master Grade model to be exact :) My 5-year-old sis who happened to be around when i was browsing thru the models, pestered my mum to buy her a Barbie doll coz the dolls were displayed next to the models.....and since my mum knew i was buying something, she CONVENIENTLY pointed her finger at me, so my sis diverted all her attention to me... sigh... she kept pestering and pestering so wat the heck, i did listen to her..... i looked at the dolls on display, and the cheapest one was JUSt a doll, nothing else..... and yeah, it cost RM11.90, very cheap, but that was all.... the damn doll and nothing else.... so i didn't feel good buying it (yes, i have a conscience, anyone want it? i'd give it to the highest bidder......) so i looked around.... the accessory sets were FULL of stuff, but they cost even more than the doll itself, A LOT more if i might say so.... and the packaged sets with the doll and accessories were so chiplat that i might as well get the doll AND the accessory sets which although totalling up to much much more, i'd be getting much much more too.... i let my sis choose which one she wanted, but haha, she conveniently wanted this Kelly (Barbie's younger sis) set, which was fairly cheap for a packaged set.... the theme of it was that Kelly was sick, and u're supposed to play mother-cum-doctor to help her out of her chicken pox so that she can go back to skool to see all her bimbotic frens again... she insisted on it, so haha, why not? :p it wasn't as expensive as the rest.... the idea was cute, u dip the sponge in cold water and rub it on Kelly's face and chicken pox marks would pop out, and if u dip the sponge in warm water and do the same, the marks disappear. Problem was no matter how much we rubbed and filed Kelly's face until she probably had abrasions, with the sponge DRIPPING with icy cold water, all we got was ONE MISERABLE mark..... hey, spending RM40 on that was beside the point, the shitty part was my SIS, she was like in her "doomsday-is-tommorrow" mode, and kept wailing for some magic to come out of my fingers to make Kelly have a full-blown outbreak......sheesh..... i did my best, but was unable to artificially devise some sort of virus that would affect genetic code plastic to create red mosquito bite marks on it......and no, using markers to create that effect just DOESN'T work....... heck, i don even know how my sis got over it to forget about the doctor part and be content on just playing a good mother to Kelly..... phew..... And thank God she was preoccupied by Kelly, otherwise my model would be model'ED by those hands of destruction of hers...... yeah, but i finished fixing up the model, a few finishing touches for the paint needed, but otherwise more or less ready.... it standing on my table, in a half-crouching stance, left-hand shield up towards his chest but with the length of the shield slanting downwards to his right knee, and his gun pointed up in the air...... bleah, shitty description haha, but watever :p

Dr@n|xX at 11:23 PM