Friday, June 28, 2002

Woohoo!!! My first post on my BRAND new weblog..... boohoo i miss my old one..... for those who don't know why i'm so traumatic for weblogs, its coz i spent like SO much time on my old one that it was almost like my pride and joy, then the stoopeed server went bankrupt(even with it crowding most of my pages with ads)..... well, this is a start..... will be working on innovations for this piss poor website :) Will ask my new blog sifu Charmane for help too :) yeah well, i'll keep this post short so i can work on the design of the site, coz the templates given to me were like YECK...... :( yep, toodle doo... until then :)

Dr@n|xX at 12:09 AM